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We are currently updating the design of our portfolio webpage, so we have available just the 3D Print Services webpage which you can access here or reach us on the right side contact form!


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Who we are

We are a design studio from the center of Romania. We’ve specialized in branding & web services, digital prints and lately 3D printing; Also our company offers e-learning solutions with a complete foto/video studio.

[…]  We’ve started a few years with graphics design. We’ve learned the basics and we’ve evolved growing our portfolio just by word to mouth advertising from our happy clients.

Knowing that the graphic design is just the start, we provide now full stack brandings services.

After all, it’s so much more in branding than a logo and some nice business cards, right?

Complementary to branding we do web design, SEO and digital marketing.

We take security very seriously. We provide website protection, security certificates and we offer DPO services complying with your company to the GDPR standards.

In 2017, we’ve invested in 3D printing and modeling and we are passionate about 3D ever since.

We are excited to hear about your project so don’t hesitate to ask us anything!

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