The first marketing consult is free and is based on an open discussion where we get to know each other and we make a brief analyze of the marketing domain of your business. Making a short sketch about the initial strategy, we can then move on to developing the product or service advertising and create the best strategy for this. We then estimate real profit potential and in which point we should invest the most.


After we set up the marketing strategy, we will focus on the offline advertising creating promotional materials such as business cards, banners, roll-ups, flyers and more. We use high impact marketing strategies and with an appropriate visual aspect. We will also study the local events and ways of promoting your business.


In the most of the cases, our strategies provide our customers income increases of at least 200%.

200% +


The digital promoting is essential in this era because the most businesses are now present or ONLY developed on the internet. Starting from a well made, secure and clean website we can then promote the business through Social Media and Google Adwords and organic promoting with SEO onpage and offpage.