When we talk about SEO we mean a product to be promoted to reach the target audience. What does SEO mean? The term “SEO” is the abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization”. This notion dates back to the 90’s, being a way of indexing web site content in digital space. Returning nowadays, SEO adaptation is the way a website becomes relevant in web space, making it visible in user searches.

 SEO Consulting

Between the customer and the search engine optimization team, a discussion is conducted on the determination of the terms, terms and content that must be legible and coherent but relevant to the search engine.

Website optimization

When a website is full of graphics and web content, it will go through a series of “snapshots” that will optimize its content to be “seen” by search engines. This process refers to the reformulation of certain phrases that, although for humans, may be relevant and understood, search engines will be “incorrect” or “insufficient” content, as a result will be avoided or ranked lower in the hierarchy of the displayed websites when searching.

The main source of online traffic

An appropriate SEO adaptation of a site is crucial in displaying it in relevant user searches. For example, a user wants to find a “2-room apartment for rent in Brasov”. If there were 3 websites that provide this service, the first one will be the most relevant in terms of content, consistent information and service detail (after paid promotion campaigns). This in fact means that a website that has SEO as coherent as possible will automatically have higher traffic (because users tend to access the first website displayed after a search for a service).

Free user trafic

Although in reality the same phenomenon occurs in both ADWORDS and SEO campaigns, namely getting a high traffic of users within the website, there is a big difference between the two. Promotional campaigns are cost-effective means of promoting web space, while SEO is an internal method of content optimization to make it relevant in the digital space.

The Advantage of Higher Positioning in the Search Engine

Although it is quite obvious, many people are not aware of the importance of properly displaying a website in the digital space. The higher you appear in your search responses, the more a website becomes more appreciated and visited by users. This factor is extremely important when the business is “online store”, if there is strong competition for services or products, or simply if the business presented is at the beginning.

Target traffic

Not only does a site’s SEO offer a significant increase in the search results display in the web space, but this adaptation can be achieved and fully targeted to the desired target audience. For example, if the website is dealing with home and garden commerce, it will be optimized by adding appropriate terms to the content of the website and its keyword phrases (descriptors). Terms such as “garden”, “lawnmower”, “fence scissors”, “garden chair”, etc. will be relevant to searches for users interested in these products.

Having said that, optimizing web content has an important significance in building and maintaining a website, being the surest way to attract users and present the desired products to them.