Web sites costs a lot of money. It is certainly an investment. Your site may be your business, it depends on what you do. That’s why it’s important to understand the pricing of a site’s design and how it works.
So how much does a website cost? Let’s be honest, there is no such thing as a fixed price. There are so many things that can determine the cost of a website that it’s almost impossible to say ‘You should spend the X’. Unfortunately, it does not work!
Let’s try to analyze some things that can determine the cost of a website.

What do you want your site to do?

If you have a set of services that do not change, you can get what we call a brochure site (brochure site). This is a site that shows you the same information about your sites over a long period of time. So let’s say you are an accountant or a lawyer, or a person in the service industry, you would certainly love a brochure for the site. There are no functions within the site and the information will change rarely.

Does this mean you have to keep the same site and not touch it? No way. Let’s not forget that most of the success of a website is the purpose of marketing.

If you have a brochure site, you need to update it with posts, various prospecting magnets, and information to try and get leads (prospects).

The biggest No No is to pay for a website and never touch it.

On a larger scale of investment in a website, Brochure sites would cost at least to be created.

On the other hand, some websites need to have a specific functionality. For example, you may want to sell products (online trade) or have some sophisticated search mechanisms. Your site may have membership sign-ups or need to display certain types of information in a certain way.

These types of sites are a bit more complicated to do and will cost more depending on what needs to be done. I do not think there is a name for a website that needs specific functionality, but any site with content that is regularly updated is called a dynamic website.

Any site that requires a certain type of functionality will cost more than brochure sites.

Who works at your site?

If you need a professional, you will hire a professional. When you’re not interested, then it does not matter who you hire. When you have to respect a budget, you are looking to get the best work for the smallest amount of money. Who is not looking for something cheaper (a bargain)? We love the art of business, but you need to be very careful when hiring a professional web designer.

You can think that professional veterans will cost more than a beginner, but it’s all about perspective.

We can think of it as a scale. For example, if you pay by the hour, you will pay less money to a beginner, but they would work slower than a professional who costs more but who would do the same job much faster.

That’s why experienced professionals would not charge you an hour. How many people would run away if someone would say they would charge $ 300 / hour? Certainly most of us!

But a professional can finish something in one hour, and a beginner would take four or five hours.

If you hire an agency, there are some significant differences from what a single freelancer (a self-employed person) could do. For example, if the person has a health problem, your project may be suffering from the time of execution. Within an agency, a team of professionals will contribute to your project, bringing a qualitative bonus by exchanging views and different views. Several people working on the same project, either at the same time or in rotation, will have a higher return, with the project running at the same quality but in a much faster time. All of these things determine the costs of a web project.

What value do you get?

You need to see your site as an investment in your business. What do you invest, what do you get in return? Certainly, a website is a thing you invest in, but after it has been done, you may need to do some marketing (promotion). You may want to collect leads. Someone may need the site to be administered.

Your website needs to be a piece of your business that is evolving all the time. The more the technology changes, your site should be updated. When new strategies and methods appear, you should test and implement them. Do not make a site to let it stagnate! This is the worst thing you can do. People get bored.

The only thing you need to know about how your site works is that people will visit your site and make a first impression.

The acronym to use each website when it comes to doing something good is SECCDA. Does this mean “And what do I gain from this?” Every visitor to your site will ask this question. So you have to deliver that thing.

This is the great value added to your site once it was done. How about before? What kind of value can you expect?

At Rawvisuals.net, we offer a variety of constructive designs for your website, optimizing every aspect necessary for a virtual success image. Whether we are talking about SEO (search engine indexing) or GDPR data protection terms, we offer all these services included in the price of a website. This helps us understand what design to do and how to position these key elements on your site for users to benefit the most and come back with pleasure.

This is the difference between having someone build something that looks cute versus having a site that will work for you!

Let’s get to the basics

So how much does a website cost? We build websites with prices ranging from 500 € and 3000 € +, 500 € being a product presentation site (brochure or landing page), 3000 € + being a website dedicated to online commerce with elements for specific search engines and limited number of products. The main differences between the two categories are size and functionality. The price is determined by how much work has been involved, how long it has taken, and how many elements of diversity have been applied within the website.

Every company and person in this world has to pay their bills. Nobody can afford to stay in business if they are always below the market price.

Our price starts at € 500 for a brochure web site because we know it will come out great in our workflow including strategy sessions and deliver the ultimate final product to the level of work. Once the website has been completed, we continue to work on it, changing it with your business. We implement different needs-based things and if they do not fit, we change them. Basically, you have a team of web professionals working on your website while focusing on your business.

Of course, your decision remains if you want to benefit from our services in a safe, professional environment, with tangible evidence from our satisfied customers reviews, or you want to choose something inexpensive and mediocre in terms of quality and which will need to be restored from 0 to 6-12 months.

Therefore, we could say that the minimum price is 500 € for a website. If that were less than that, you would probably start asking yourself the questions I just wrote about in the article.